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Introduction to Project Finance

Explore the definitions and characteristics. Where do the phases begin and end? How do all the participants come together? How many types of Project Financing are there?

    1. Understanding Project Finance
    2. Phases in Project Finance
    3. Types of Project Financing
    4. Project Finance Characteristics
    5. Components
    6. Participants
    7. Stages in Project Financing

Risk Analysis:

Identify all the project risk components to fit to the cashflow forecasts. Interrogate the 80 different structures. See how these risks apply to seven industry sectors

    1. Understanding Risk
    2. Risk Structures
    3. Sector Risk Profiles

Project Feasibility:

Learn the key financial ratios and the four benchmark cashflow cases for any project financing. Test your knowledge of these ratios on the spreadsheet. Understand the financial feasibility study process.

    1. Engineering & Financial Feasibility
    2. Project Cashflow Study
    3. Ratio Analysis


Examine the six project finance structures to fine tune the repayment and collateral. Pick from the seven repayment techniques. Five means to finesse a structure.

    1. Structuring Techniques
    2. Structuring Phases
    3. Characteristics of Structures
    4. Types of Structures
    5. Sector Wrap Up


Travel the world of PF funding from banks to ECAs to multilaterals to the capital markets. Learn who the participants and their objectives. Looks through the syndication issues. Explore new funding structures.

    1. Models of Funding
    2. Funding Participants
    3. Tax-Effective Structures
    4. Recourse
    5. Syndication
    6. New Funding Structures


Tie together the nine project contracts in the context of the financing agreements. Fit these documents to the legal security and intercreditor relationships. Why the lawyers always make so much!

    1. Project Contracts
    2. Financing Agreements

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